Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Executive Salaries: Too High or Just Right?

Questions on Salary

            The purpose of these questions is to glean information on your opinion regarding the executive salaries compared to the owner/stakeholder and entry-level employee. The goal is to assert your opinion on if Executives ‘make too much’ and/or ‘the balance between salaries is unfair.’ Do you think Executives ‘earn their keep?’
Please answer these three questions and return this document, you will be cited in my paper per APA standards and will receive a copy of my final draft of this paper. Thanks for contributing!
I appreciate you taking the time and look forward to your feedback on my final draft.
1.       How should the figure for executive salaries be decided?

2.     If you were to give a ratio that reflected Owner:Executive:Entry-Level
What would it be?

3.     Do you think they are over-compensated or paid appropriately & why?)

Please reply with your feedback. If you want credit for your thoughts please leave your full name, otherwise I will credit the username associated with your comment per APA standards. The final draft of this paper will be posted by June 15th.
Thanks for reading!


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