Saturday, February 14, 2015

Live Your #Love out #Loud

What do you truly love? Is it your job, your family, your friends, or possibly all of the above? It is all of the above and more for me.
Do the world a favor and spread the love today.
Tell people what you love and tell people that you love. I love writing, long walks in the woods, snowmobiling, fishing, cooking, travelling, gardening, and most music. I enjoy all cultures, like to study languages, and think that the more I learn, the more I love. Also, I truly and deeply adore LinkedIn. Don't you? Where else can you read the thoughts of millions? Simply put, I love it!
I bet you are wondering what this is about. This is a short note on a lovely day to give you reasons to live your love out loud.
#1 - Live your love out loud because that is the only way anyone else will be able to acknowledge or participate in that love. Don't you want company? Misery does.
#2 - Expressing love and adoration for any person, activity and/or experience is a way of expressing joy and happiness in my opinion.Try it today and you will see. Maybe go beyond the traditional folks you honor on this holiday, if you even celebrate Valentine's Day. See more about Saint Valentine.
#3 - Life is short. Make the most of it by expressing open love and support for the things that you feel passionate about.
I hope I have convinced you to live your love out loud.
If your are riding the proverbial fence, consider this. Loving promotes your mental and physical health as well! See more here:
From Prevention.Com: How Love Keeps You Healthy
As always, I appreciate you reading, liking, and commenting. It is precious fuel to my writer's fire. Got a LOVE story to share? Share it with me privately or publicly below!
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****Author's Note**** Special thanks to John White the owner of Publishers & Bloggers. I am honored to be featured on LinkedIn's #WhatInspiresMe Channel on Valentine's Day, 2015. I am so inspired by this platform every day and now I can cross one more thing off of my #bucketlist.

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